The security of Synology Surveillance Station

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Synology Surveillance Station is a dependable and private security solution that may assist you in keeping the people and things that are most important to you secure while also ensuring that you can always keep an eye on them. Being in two locations at once is now more simpler than it ever was before thanks to user-friendly video management features and an intuitive UI that resembles a desktop.

Synology is it safe?

Norms of encryption used by the federal government

The Synology DSM has undergone rigorous testing and received certification with the Federal Information Processing Standard 140 (FIPS 140) for its cryptographic modules, as well as OpenChain 2.0 and 2.1 for its open source compliance. In addition, the security of your files is ensured by the use of the industry-standard AES-256 encryption.

How can I keep hackers out of my Synology NAS?

What can I do to enhance the security of my Synology NAS?

  1. Enable Security Advisor.
  2. Configure DSM users’ permission settings.
  3. Configure password strength rules.
  4. Set expiration for passwords.
  5. Use multi-factor authentication.
  6. Enable auto block and account protection.
  7. Enable HTTPS connection.
  8. Secure FTP service.

Is a license required to use Synology surveillance?

Only two complimentary camera licenses are included with the purchase of any Synology server. If you wish to utilize more cameras, you will need to purchase more licenses, which will set you back around $60 each.

Is Synology NAS hackable?

The Taiwanese manufacturer of network-attached storage (NAS) devices, Synology (opens in new tab), has issued a security advisory alerting consumers of an increase in brute-force assaults on its devices. The advice can be found on the company’s website (opens in new tab).

Is Synology an Asian business?

Synology Inc.

(Chinese: ; pinyin: Qnhu Kj) is the name of a company based in Taiwan that specializes in the production of network-attached storage (NAS) appliances. DiskStation refers to desktop variants, FlashStation refers to all-flash models, and RackStation refers to rack-mount models in Synology’s line of network-attached storage devices (NAS).

Do NAS devices require virus protection?

On a NAS, an antivirus program is not actually necessary at all. An antivirus program is pointless, just like all the other antivirus software out there.

Does NAS require antivirus software?

The most accurate response is that you do not have to install an antivirus program on your QNAP NAS at any time. The QNAP App Center provides access to a free antivirus application that may be used if you decide that employing one will make you feel more secure.

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How many cameras can be supported by Surveillance Station?

Native support is provided by Surveillance Station for all of the most popular video and audio codecs, in addition to over 8,300 cameras and video servers spanning over 130 different manufacturers. Additionally supported are the optimized video codecs with high compression rates that are utilized by various manufacturers like as AXIS (Zipstream), Hikvision (H. 264+), and others.

Can security cameras be used with a NAS?

Enclosures for network-attached storage (NAS) are quite flexible in their usage. They are useful for storing files, streaming video, and even carrying out surveillance in the house.

Is a subscription required to use Synology?

In a nutshell, with the money that you pay for a backup software license (regardless of whether it is subscription-based or perpetual) for the first year, you can actually get a Synology NAS while protecting business workloads on virtual machines, physical servers, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace. Both of these options are accessible with a price roughly…

Which is safer, SAN or NAS?

A NAS is a single storage device that serves files over Ethernet and is relatively inexpensive and easy to set up, while a SAN is a tightly coupled network of multiple devices that work with block-based data and is more expensive and complex to set up and manage.


Easier to manage Requires more administration

Does Synology gather information?

When you use Synology’s services, the company will often gather personal information from you in some capacity. Cookies and other technologies are utilized by Synology in order to collect information on the preferences of visitors when they browse.

Is Synology a reliable company?

In 2019, Synology released a number of different NAS solutions, and readers voted for the company to win the Readers’ Choice award for Best NAS Brand in the HWM+HardwareZone Tech Awards 2020.

Is DDNS on Synology safe?

One of the benefits of utilizing Synology DDNS is that you will instantly be awarded a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to safeguard your outside access. This will result in you obtaining a dazzling green SSL secure lock pad next to your public name:

Is Synology accessible from anywhere?

When you enable external access on your Synology network attached storage (NAS), you give yourself the opportunity to access it remotely from any device that has an internet connection. DSM enables you to easily set up remote access to your Synology NAS, which enables you to sign in to DSM or other services by just inputting a custom domain name into your web browser. DSM also enables you to manage your Synology NAS remotely.

Can someone hack my NAS?

NAS drives, however, also have the potential to be a security issue. This is something that should be avoided. When you connect your hard drives to a network, you leave yourself vulnerable to attack from cybercriminals. Attacks against NAS are prevalent in commercial settings, and even though they are less profitable, attacks against private individuals also take place.

How do I run a malware scan on my Synology?

To scan Synology NAS files, click any of the following buttons:

  1. System scan: Look for viruses that are most likely to be hidden in the system partition.
  2. Full scan: Scan all files on your Synology NAS to detects all possible threats.
  3. Custom scan: Scan the specified folders on your Synology NAS.

PoE is supported by Synology NAS?

Synology makes some of the best NAS for home and best NAS for home surveillance. The company’s NAS enclosures are consistently in our top recommended collections and for good reason.

Reasons to avoid.

Category Reolink E1 Pro
Storage microSD
Connections Wi-Fi AC power
Dimensions 76 x 106 mm

How can I upgrade my Synology Surveillance Station to a license?

Check to see that the Synology device you’re using can connect to the internet. Go to Surveillance Station > License. Click Add. Verify the information that is displayed in the window, select the checkbox, and then click the Next button.

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Does Arlo work with Synology?

Due to the nature of the Arlo Pro2’s closed system, it is not compatible with the Synology Surveillance Station.

How do I connect my Synology NAS to my Poe camera?

Access your NAS first and go to the control panel to find the Surveillance Station. 3. Go to IP camera–Add camera–Quick setup.

ANNKE VISION-How to Connect The IP POE Camera to Synology NAS?

  1. Please power on the camera and the NAS system.
  2. Download the Synology Assistant software via the link below.

Can I use a NAS HDD for security purposes?

They will work without a problem, yes. However, the majority of surveillance rigs already have more than one disk installed in them and are configured with RAID. Take note that surveillance drives will not perform as well in a network attached storage (NAS) system as drives that have been particularly designed for use with NAS.

For security cameras, what is NAS?

As a component of a security or surveillance network, a NAS device, also known as a network attached storage device, or an NVR device, also known as a network video recorder, is intended to manage the storage and bandwidth demands of the network.

Is WYZE compatible with Synology?

An addition to my query from the previous week: the v3 cameras DO function perfectly with Synology; however, you are unable to utilize the microphone with these cameras.

What is the price of a Synology drive?

This machine may be purchased for $499, and drives can be purchased for either $83 for 2TB or $139 for 4TB. You could, of course, just utilize one drive, but if you have two or more drives, you can configure them into a storage pool or RAID array, which will provide redundancy.

What is the price of Synology active backup?

Because each Synology NAS server comes with ten licenses for Active Backup for Office 365, you are able to create a backup of 10 user accounts without incurring any further costs. You can purchase additional licenses here for a one-time fee of $99.99 USD for a pack of ten licenses. What is this, exactly? The Active Backup for Business app is currently available for free usage while it is in beta.

Should my NAS drive be encrypted?

If you are going to the bother of protecting the NAS device and the hard drives from physical theft, then encrypting the disk contents is the most foolproof approach to keep the data from being viewed by anyone who are not trustworthy.

What is the drawback of SAN in comparison to DAS and NAS?

The intricacy of a SAN is one of its most significant drawbacks. Even the most fundamental SAN solutions may be difficult to build and keep up to date, necessitating the use of specialized hardware and software in conjunction with highly optimized network designs. This is necessary in order to achieve the highest possible level of performance.

What is a DAS storage system’s drawback?

One of the problems with the DAS is that its data are inaccessible to a wide variety of user groups. Only one user can log in at a time is permitted. Costs of administration that are quite high.

What is my Synology NAS’s external IP address?

Displaying the widgets requires access to the DSM web interface, which is the simplest place to locate the IP address of your Synology network attached storage (NAS). When you pick a network interface from the dropdown menu inside the System Health widget, the IP address of the selected network interface will be displayed within the System Health widget itself, as seen in the picture that follows.

Do NAS devices require virus protection?

On a NAS, an antivirus program is not actually necessary at all. An antivirus program is pointless, just like all the other antivirus software out there.

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Does NAS require antivirus software?

The most accurate response is that you do not have to install an antivirus program on your QNAP NAS at any time. The QNAP App Center provides access to a free antivirus application that may be used if you decide that employing one will make you feel more secure.

Is cloud sync from Synology safe?

Encipherment as well as compression

Encryption may be used to store and move your data safely, and compression can be used to decrease the amount of traffic and space taken up by your data.

What kind of OS does Synology employ?

The DiskStation Manager (DSM) is an operating system that is based on Linux and is utilized by all of Synology’s DiskStation and RackStation products (RackStations are rackmounted NAS devices that typically have more compute power, memory, and capacity than their DiskStation counterparts).

Which NAS from Synology is best?

The best Synology NAS in 2022

  • Editors’ pick See Amazon for Synology DiskStation DS920+. CPU Intel Celeron J4125, four cores.
  • top value. See Amazon for Synology DiskStation DS220+. Intel Celeron J4025, dual-core.
  • Best choice. See Amazon for Synology DiskStation DS1621+. Quad-core AMD Ryzen V1500B processor.

What NAS from Synology is the best?

The DiskStation DS220+ is Synology’s top-of-the-line network-attached storage device. This enclosure features two drive bays, which enables the storage of up to 32 terabytes worth of data. This is more than adequate for the majority of NAS owners who are just getting started in the industry, and the 2GB of non-upgradable DDR4 RAM works in perfect harmony with the Intel Celeron J4025 CPU.

Can a NAS drive be infected by ransomware?

Encryption-based ransomware attacks are capable of compromising any and all varieties of NAS storage devices. Protecting yourself from ransomware may be as simple as keeping your software up to date, securing your passwords, and making sure your data is backed up. Ransomware might potentially infect your NAS or shared storage system.

Can ransomware harm Synology devices?

Having backups of your data can help limit the amount of harm done in the event that a ransomware assault is successful. The powerful backup options that come included with your Synology NAS will assist you in continuing operations with as little disturbance as possible. It is imperative that you ensure that your device has been wiped clean before attempting to restore any backups.

Is port forwarding on Synology secure?

Turn off the port forwarding.

Do not attempt to do this unless you are very familiar with what you are doing and have suitable firewall rules set up. If you open up ports, it will be much simpler for someone to attack your NAS if they merely know your IP address.

Is Synology QuickConnect secure to use?

When SSL is used, end-to-end encryption is applied to protect sensitive information during transmission across a network virtual tunnel. As a result, QuickConnect ensures that the transmission of data between the Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) and client devices is secure and private.

Synology has internet access.

You may quickly connect to your Synology NAS over the Internet by using the QuickConnect feature. This saves you the trouble of having to set up port forwarding rules or any other sophisticated network settings. You are able to connect to QuickConnect by using a straightforward address that you may personalize, such as

How can I remotely secure my NAS?

Protect access to the NAS remotely with the use of an encrypted connection. A virtual private network, or VPN, provides users with a secure tunnel via which they may access the resources and services of public networks. Establishing a VPN connection to your router is the first step in remotely accessing your QNAP NAS from the Internet. Once that is complete, connect to the QNAP NAS via a VPN connection.