What is the Indian Coast Guard’s curriculum?

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Subjects such as Physics, Basic Chemistry, Mathematics, Knowledge of English up to the 12th level, General Knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning, Current Affairs, etc. are included in the ICG Navik written examination.

How many concerns exist regarding the Coast Guard?

The exam will last for forty-five minutes, and it will consist of sixty different questions. The test format for Stage I of the Indian Coast Guard examination is provided here.

In how many exams does the Indian Coast Guard participate?

Written examination, medical exam, and PET scan are the three components that make up the enlisting process. For the final selection in Indian Coast Guard Navik, each and every student is required to pass each of these three phases.

How do I get ready for the exam for the Coast Guard?

Treat yourself by challenging yourself on a regular basis with moccs and quizzes sourced from reputable sources and books. EduGorrila’s Coast Guard (Navik) GD Online Practice Test Series is the greatest test series that will assist you in achieving a higher score on the written portion of the Coast Guard Navik Gd exam 2021. This test series can help you achieve a higher score.

What is the Coast Guard exam like?

You will need to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery if you wish to join the Coast Guard. If you do, you will be accepted (ASVAB). The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a requirement for all Coast Guard recruits. The Coast Guard uses your score on the ASVAB to assess whether or not you are qualified to join the service.

What is the Coast Guard’s minimum age requirement?

There are age restrictions on enlistment.

To join any of the active branches of the United States Armed Forces, you need to be at least 17 years old. For each service branch, the maximum age at which a person can sign up for active duty is as follows: 31 members in the Coast Guard and 28 in the Marines

What is the Navik Gd curriculum?

The second section of the Indian Coast Guard Navik GD syllabus

Mathematics. Probability and statistical identities derived from algebra, together with linear equations and polynomials. In algebra, we cover topics such as the Principal of Mathematical Induction, quadratic equations, complex numbers, matrices, and determinants, and sequences and series.

What is the Indian Coast Guard’s salary?

According to an official announcement that was only recently sent, the minimum salary for both Navik (GD) and Navik (DB) is INR 21,700. (pay level-3). Check out the ICG exam pattern 2022 for more information on the various postings. In the Indian Coast Guard, the base wage for a Yantrik officer at pay level 5 is INR 29,200/-, and they receive an additional INR 6,200/- as Dearness Allowance.

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What does the Indian Coast Guard do well?

It is military in nature and provides you with a significant amount of room for growth.

The Indian Coast Guard is one of the best services in the country; those who have a passion for sailing and marine life would do well to consider joining. IN will provide the training, and throughout it you will get the opportunity to travel to a number of other nations.

What number of stages does the Indian Coast Guard have?

In total, there are four different levels. The Indian Coast Guard Yantrik examination consists of a written portion, a physical test, a medical examination, and a verification of documents.

What are the Coast Guard’s physical requirements?

What are the minimum physical fitness requirements?

  • PUSH-UPS: Males: 29; females: 15 (in a minute).
  • SIT-UPS: Males: 38; females: 32 (in a minute).
  • 1.5 MILE RUN: Male: 12:51; female: 15:26 (in minutes).
  • COMPLETE SWIM CIRCUIT: Jump into the pool from a 1.5-meter platform and swim 100 meters without assistance.

How do I make a Coast Guard application?


  1. citizen by birthright.
  2. a strong moral code.
  3. Single.
  4. Ages 18 to 26 for NON-OFFICER.
  5. OFFICER: 21 to 26 years of age.
  6. Both male and female applicants must be 5’0.
  7. Fit for Training Both Mentally and Physically.
  8. At least 72 College Units for Non-Officers

Which branch of the military is best?

via U.S. Marine Corps The Marine Corps is the top-rated military service branch, according to reviews on the career website Glassdoor.

Here is how every service fared on the site:

  • 4.2 stars for the Marine Corps.
  • 4 stars for the Air Force.
  • 4 stars for the navy.
  • 4 stars for the Coast Guard.
  • Defense: 3.9 stars.

How long is basic training in the Coast Guard?

The United States Coast Guard Instruction Center at Cape May, New Jersey, is where recruits spend the first eight weeks of their careers receiving training known as “boot camp.” The emotional and physical strain of boot camp may be overwhelming! It is designed to get you ready for the rigors of life in the Coast Guard.

Does the exam for the Indian Coast Guard carry any penalty points?

Exam Pattern and Syllabus for the Indian Coast Guard Frequently Asked Questions

According to the regulations that have been established by the Indian Coast Guard Recruitment Board, there will not be a negative grading scheme at all. Is there a comprehensive version of the ICG Yantrik syllabus available? The official website of the Indian Coast Guard does, in fact, make the whole course outline accessible to users.

How long do coast guard members work?

A full-time civilian employee or military member of the Coast Guard is required to satisfy a baseline work requirement of eight work hours per day and forty work hours per week, excluding meal breaks. This criterion must be met in order to participate in the FWS program.

Who is in charge of the Coast Guard?

In all, it is made up of around 35,000 civilians, as well as officers and enlisted troops from the military. The Department of Homeland Security is in charge of overseeing this particular aspect. During times of conflict, it performs its duties as a component of the United States Navy and operates under the supervision of the President.

Which position pays the most money?

Take a look at 7 of the highest paying jobs in India right now

  • Software Engineer.
  • Business Pilot.
  • an expert in data.
  • Ethereum developer.
  • Product Director.
  • Banker for investments.
  • medical specialists (Doctors & Surgeons)

The Coast Guard receives a pension.

After the pension program was terminated on January 1, 2004, there is no longer a pension system in place for CG employees.

What position in the Indian Coast Guard has the highest pay?

The position of Commandant is the one that brings in the most money in the Indian Coast Guard, with an annual salary of 23.3 Lakhs. The top 10% of employees bring in an annual salary that is greater than 20.2 lakhs. The top one percent of earners bring in more than an astounding 35 lakhs of rupees annually.

Do the Indian Coast Guard have any weapons?

The Indian Coast Guard, often known as the ICG, is a marine armed force that is under the command of the Ministry of Defense.

The Coast Guard has how many positions?

The Indian Coast Guard is conducting the Stage I exam to fill up 322 vacancies of Navik (General Duty), Navik (Domestic Branch), and Yantrik posts for 02/2022 Batch.

Indian Coast Guard Recruitment 2022: Application Fee.

Categories Application Fee
OBC Exempted
SC Exempted
ST Exempted
EWS Rs. 250/-

Girl members of the Indian Coast Guard?

Officers who are female can get a Short Service Appointment to the position of Assistant Commandant in the General Duty (GD) branch. This appointment lasts for eight years. This contract can be extended for an additional two years, bringing the total possible length of service to a maximum of 14 years. Age Requirement: Applicants must be female and between the ages of 21 and 25 to be considered eligible.

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Why isn’t the Coast Guard in the military?

Yes! The United States Coast Guard is a component of the United States Armed Forces, despite the fact that it is not a component of the Department of Defense (DOD) of the United States (also known as the military). The United States Coast Guard is a federal law enforcement organization in addition to being a military arm that is a part of the Department of Homeland Security.

Can you join the Coast Guard if you can’t swim?

You must have a profound awe and reverence for the might of the ocean, but you should also be aware that your training has the potential to save not just your life but also the lives of others. The mandatory monthly physical fitness exam consists of chin-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, a 12-minute crawl swim of at least 500 yards, an underwater swim of 25 yards, and a buddy tow of 200 yards.

Is there a weight restriction for the Coast Guard?

However, unlike with the other branches, the Coast Guard actually does take several things into consideration when assessing the overall health of prospective members. They include things like: Gender.

Coast Guard Height And Weight Requirements.

Height (inches) Minimum Screening Weight (lbs.) Maximum Screening Weight (lbs.)
80 173 250

How long is the Coast Guard application process?

varies greatly from one individual to the next. It takes an average of one year for a person to complete all of the necessary testing and physical examination standards in order to be accepted into the recruit training program. Even once you arrive, you will be reviewed for a total of eight weeks, and there are no assurances that your position will be maintained in the fleet.

What does the term Coast Guard mean?

The meaning of the term “coast guard”

1: a military or naval unit involved in defending a coast or responsible for the safety, order, and operation of maritime commerce in nearby seas. a coast guard can be either land-based or sea-based.

What do members of the Coast Guard go by?

There is no distinction made regarding gender when referring to members of the Coast Guard who wear uniforms; they are always referred to as “Coast Guardsman” The phrase “Coastie” is more of a slang term, however it is often used to refer to current or past members of the Coast Guard.

What is the Coast Guard’s position on body art?

One tattoo measuring one inch on each hand (shall not exceed past the first knuckle closest to the wrist). One finger tattoo on each hand, within the length of the finger from the first to the second knuckle (in addition, one tattoo in the form of a ring on the wearer’s finger, but not the thumb) is still permitted.

Army or Navy: Which is more lucrative?

If you’re thinking about a career in the military, you might be curious about which branch of the armed forces – the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, the Coast Guard, or the Space Force – offers the highest salary and perks. The solution is straightforward on such a fundamental scale. The United States Military compensates its members in accordance with their years of service and pay grade, regardless of the branch in which they serve.

Which branch of the military is ideal for a family?

The Air Force is often regarded as having the military service branch with the highest quality of life programs overall, including dormitories, housing for families, on-base retail and services, and recreational opportunities.

What should I do to get ready for a Coast Guard interview?

Maintain Integrity, Always Be on Time, and Be True to Your Word. Interviewees at the United States Coast Guard urge candidates to arrive around 20 minutes early. Both the wearer’s look and the appearance of their clothing should be well-kept and conservative respectively. Job candidates should pay close attention to the interviewers and give themselves the time to reflect on the questions that are posed to them.

What occurs following Coast Guard Basic?

Following basic training

You will depart Cape May as soon as you have your diploma, and then you will have five days off to spend time with your loved ones and friends before returning. After that, you will be recalled, and you will immediately report to your first duty. When filling out Coast Guard assignments, the operational tasks take precedence over other responsibilities.

What exactly does Navik do?

Job Description for a Navik GD in the Indian Coast Guard

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Protecting and ensuring the safety of man-made islands and other structures and equipment in any marine zone, such as offshore ports and facilities. Maintaining compliance with the Maritime Zones of India Act. Offering security and help to fishermen who are in a precarious situation when they are at sea

A Coast Guard exam is what?

The United States Coast Guard conducts routine inspections to verify that passenger ships are managed in a secure way. The performance of the officers and crew, with particular emphasis paid to their level of training and expertise, is the primary focus of these examinations.

What is the Indian Coast Guard’s salary?

According to an official announcement that was only recently sent, the minimum salary for both Navik (GD) and Navik (DB) is INR 21,700. (pay level-3). Check out the ICG exam pattern 2022 for more information on the various postings. In the Indian Coast Guard, the base wage for a Yantrik officer at pay level 5 is INR 29,200/-, and they receive an additional INR 6,200/- as Dearness Allowance.

How many queries does Indian Coast Guard have?

Indian Coast Guard Exam Pattern 2022 (Navik/Yantrik)

Name of Exam Details
Section 1 Maximum Marks: 60 Time allotted: 45 mins. Total no. of Questions: 60
Section 2 Maximum Marks: 50 Time allotted: 30 mins. Total no. of Questions: 50
Section 3 Maximum Marks: 50 Time allotted: 30 mins. Total no. of Questions: 50

What are the Coast Guard’s responsibilities?

Search and rescue (SAR), maritime law enforcement (MLE), aids to navigation (ATON), ice breaking, environmental protection, port security, and military readiness are some of the responsibilities of the United States Coast Guard, which is the nation’s oldest and most continuously operating maritime service.

The Coast Guard is a plane, right?

In order to support its operations as a law enforcement arm, a military service branch, and a maritime service, the Coast Guard employs 202 different types of aircraft, including both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, such as airplanes and helicopters. The vast majority of Coast Guard aircraft participate in some aspect of homeland security missions, and some of those aircraft are now equipped with weapons.

Is Coast Guard boot camp challenging?

Every branch of the military, including the Coast Guard, has rigorous and difficult basic training, including the Coast Guard.

Do you serve in the Coast Guard seven days a week?

6 answers. Two week work week of Monday-Friday (10 days). Each pay period consists of nine days that I work for nine hours, one day that I work for eight hours, and one day that I am off. The definition of active duty might change depending on the assignments.

Can the Coast Guard enter my boat?

The United States Coast Guard has the unrestricted right to board any vessel that falls under the jurisdiction of the United States at any time and in any location. It is not necessary to have a warrant for this. It does not need probable cause. A suspicion that a violation already exists aboard the vessel is not required in order to justify the boarding of the vessel.

Does the Coast Guard travel abroad?

The United States Coast Guard frequently travels great distances in order to uphold US laws and assist other nations in doing the same. Ships from the Coast Guard conduct intercept operations in the eastern Pacific Ocean to prevent the transport of illegal drugs. For the first time in over a decade, naval vessels were sent to the Atlantic coast of Africa in 2019 and 2020 in order to provide assistance to the countries located there.

Is the Coast Guard a government position?

In accordance with the provisions of the Coast Guard Act of 1978, which was passed by the Indian Parliament on February 1st, 1977, the Indian Coast Guard was effectively constituted. The Ministry of Defense is in charge of its operations.

Can a 12 pass applicant join the Coast Guard?

The Indian Coast Guard is now accepting online applications from qualified individuals who are looking for government jobs after completing their 12th year of education. There are now 260 open positions for Navik GD in the Indian Coast Guard around the country.

Which job pays well and is simple?


However, after you have completed the necessary training and obtained your license, this may quickly become one of the most convenient and lucrative careers available. The majority of optometry employment is simple since the tasks involved are uncomplicated. You are responsible for diagnosing and treating various eye disorders, determining a patient’s visual prescription, and attending to eye injuries.

How many days is the Indian Coast Guard allowed off?

In accordance with government regulations, an employee is entitled to 45 days of earned leave and eight days of casual leave per year, in addition to a leave travel concession (LTC) for themselves, their families, and any dependent parents.